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Hydrophobic Injections

Hydrophobic Injections: Polyurethane & Acrylate Resins

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Water leaks through cracks, joints and voids can be repaired with highly successful injection systems, utilizing chemical grouts such as multi component acrylate gels and single component polyurethane resins.

Hydrophobic Polyurethane is usually used to fill voids and stabilize soil because of its low viscosity, high expansion rate, and ability to set up under wet conditions without diluting.

When injected into loose soil or voids, this material expands to form a rigid foam that displaces any water present. The material expands in soil and forms a strong, impermeable mass by binding the soil particles together. Because rigid hydrophobic material is not affected by fluctuation in the moisture content of the soil, it is virtually unaffected by water level. It retains its strength, size and impermeability under almost all soil conditions. 

Acrylate Gels are very flexible, super low viscosity, hydrophilic gels designed for non-structural injections of cracks, joints, voids, and used for grid, curtain, bladder injection and as sealant in the injection tube system.

Due to their extremely low viscosity and low surface tension, polyacrylate gels offer superior penetration properties.  Acrylates are gel time adjustable to meet jobsite conditions such as temperature and injection distance. 

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